Welcome, 2019 Sets a new Record! Wow we exceeded our expectations! The volleyball community filled all 7 tournaments, donated some amazing items for prizes and auction which helped us raise over $42k!!! THANKS to our board members, The Island & The Oasis for making this happen. Bookmark this site to stay current for all the event info like tournament registration, updates and auction items.  2019's main board members Travis Beers,  Ashli Van der Weert & Sheri Frazier-Kesner are working hard to gather prizes and auction items from amazing businesses.    

Our 2019 event raised over $42k!!! We had 182 teams playing over the course of 7 different tournaments.  The auction was even bigger than last year as we raised almost $20k.  Thank you volleyball community because as you know 100% of all proceeds go to charity!

We have two NEW charities for this year’s Volley4Charity event.  

  • The first is Joshua School. The Joshua School (TJS) was founded in 2005 by six special education teachers to serve students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Theirs was a radical, heartfelt response to a lack of quality services they saw offered in local public schools for children with autism.  The school was named after one of the teachers’ well-loved students with autism, who unexpectedly passed away at the age of nine. TJS was founded on the belief that each child is smart, competent and whole exactly as they are, and dignity is the birthright of every human being. We believe our children and their families have a right to aspire to a life of their choosing, and see the unique possibilities and potential in each student. We teach to develop each child’s own interests, talents and dreams, while addressing the challenges that could impede their success. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States and the need for The Joshua School’s services has never been greater. Supporting TJS helps students gain skills that last a lifetime. Recently our alumni families reported great improvements for their students in quality of life, community engagement, and life skills.  
  • The second is Children’s Diabetes Foundation – Helping Hands at the Barbara Davis Center.   Staying along the same theme of supporting research and people who have Type 1 Diabetes, the Helping Hands Program helps families who need assistance with the cost of Type 1 Diabetes.  The Children's Diabetes Foundation (CDF) specializes in type 1 diabetes research and care for children and adults.  At CDF no patient is turned away from the care they need or deserve at the Children's Diabetes Foundation. The Helping Hand Program provides assistance to families in need of assistance.  Diabetes is expensive. New Onset patients spend about $1,400 on education and appointment fees. Pump Therapy can create better control, but can cost up to $1,200 each month.  Insulin for children can cost about $300 a month. Testing 6-8 times a day is normal and all those test strips add up to about $300 a month. The cost can be debilitating for many families, and going without insulin is not an option, but the Children’s Diabetes Foundation – Helping Hands program is here to help.   Click here for more information CDF – Helping Hands.